Tennessee authorities seek public’s help with “Jane Doe”

Tennessee authorities seek public’s help with “Jane Doe”

By Mike Glodo
Senior Staff Writer, MPN
Updated 3:22pm CST, July 5, 2012

(MPN) – On the night of Thursday, June 28, 2012, a young woman appeared at The Big Orange Bar in Caryville, Tennessee, a small town about 30 miles north of Knoxville. The bar is on a rural two-lane road, on the north side of town.

Photo courtesy/Careyville, TN, PD

Like most small towns, people recognize “the regulars” even if they might not know their name. No one knew who she was.She carried no identification and no purse. She would not give a name, and early reports were that she did not speak.

The Caryville Police Department has provided the following information to MPN about the young woman:

  • She is in good physical health, and is presently in the care of social services. She had clearly been cared for prior to arriving at the bar.
  • The unidentified woman can speak with significant limitations. Law Enforcement believes she is possibly choosing not to disclose information, but that is uncertain at this time.
  • When asked her age, she has said “16”, later “17” and then “18” years old. A bone scan has indicated she is between 15 and 21 years old.
  • When asked by officials where she is from, she answered, “Illinois, Texas, and Tennessee” on different occasions.
  • When asked who her father is/was, she responded, “God the father.”
  • A physical exam by health care personnel found an abdominal scar from what looked to be from a Caesarean section.

Police officials asked her, “Did you have a baby? Where’s the baby?”

“The baby is dead”, she responded. “God the father killed the baby. The baby is with God the father.”

Assistant Chief of Police Stephanie Smith told MPN, “Everything is God the father. Who’s your mother? God the father’. Her preacher, mother, father, sister, brother – everything is God the father. She has a very limited vocabulary – maybe 30 or 40 words.”

Due to the relative isolation of the Big Orange Bar, and this young woman’s limitations, Law Enforcement feels that someone abandoned this young woman there on Thursday night from a vehicle.

Caryville lies along Interstate 75. Lexington, KY, is about 140 miles to the north. It is about 140 miles east of Nashville TN.

Given this young woman’s history, people in social services, special needs professionals, and health care providers – especially OB/GYN providers – may be able to identify her.

If you have information about this woman’s identity, please call the Caryville Police Department at 423-562-9474 or 423-562-8095.

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